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Picking your wedding date is one of the most important parts of the planning process. After all, you’re picking the anniversary date you’re going to have forever. If you’re struggling with finding that ideal spot on the calendar, consider letting the zodiac be your guide.


The sun sign Aries is the leader of the zodiac. This cardinal zodiac is all about the energy, the drive and getting things done, so they have two ideal months to choose from. Choosing either April or October makes sure that Aries doesn’t have to deal with any sort of delay, and they can get the planning ball rolling quickly. Going for a date early in the month really appeals to the Aries nature to get to work!  


Loyal, steadfast and sometimes a little stubborn, let’s not forget that this earth sign also appreciates the finer things in life. Practical beauty is what really appeals to the Taurus zodiac sign, so naturally June and November are perfect months to aim for. The delightful blue skies and temperate weather of the early summer or the deep rich hues of mid-fall both allow the Taurus to connect to their surroundings in a natural way. As for specific dates, Taurus loves practicality, so choosing a double-number date like the 11th or the 22nd is appealing.


When you should get married according to your zodiac sign for a Gemini is the early winter season. Exchanging vows in December allows the Gemini to get married within all the beauty of a winter, while they later jet off to honeymoon in a summer-all-year-round destination. This appeals to this zodiac sign’s need to satisfy both sides of their Gemini twin nature.


The Cancer is sentimental and nurturing, so they want as many loved ones as possible to join them during all of their happiest days. Early January lets the Cancer roll the holiday festivities right into their wedding, while a July summer season wedding gives them the option to make it the best birthday ever.


The ultimate fire sign, Leo must be the main focus! Leo weddings work very well in months with not too much else going on so they know that their wedding is going to be the most important event. February gives the holiday season time to cool down while they plan a brilliantly romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, while an August wedding is best planned around their birthday.


March and September are perfect months for this zodiac sun sign. Virgo loves to be right there at the start of anything new, and they love a bit of creative planning to dig in to. September is the transitional month between summer and autumn, while March says goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Virgo zodiac signs get to celebrate with what feels like a fresh clean start. For a “fresh” feel, go for the beginning of the month in choosing your date.


October is when you should get married according to your zodiac sign for the Libra. It’s calm, it’s beautiful and it’s a harmonious point between seasonal shifts when there really is a certain balance in the air. With the gorgeous and varied seasonal color palettes that trend in October, the Libra zodiac sign can really embrace their natural power of aesthetic to create a wedding that is absolutely stunning. Any time during the month of October is a perfect fit for a Libra, but the later part of the month may offer more dramatic options for color.


Often confused for a fire sign, Scorpio is actually all water — albeit hot water! Known for being passionate, intense and even a little jealous at times, November is a perfect month for a Scorpio wedding. By choosing their birth month, the Scorpio can rest assured that their astrological need to have that focus is taken care of. If the fall season doesn’t fit the Scorpio’s vision, May is another great option with plenty of downtime and little need to share the attention.


Both February and December serve as excellent times to get married for the adventurous Sagittarius. They love the hustle and bustle of new things, and they especially love having a good time. Choosing February or December for a warm destination wedding really serves to satisfy the natural urge Sagittarius possesses to travel and explore. Earlier in December allows for travel far enough away from the holidays, while later February lets Sagittarius take advantage of the coming of the spring season.


The Capricorn zodiac sign has a tendency to take life seriously, enthusiastically adopt new responsibilities and even sometimes take on too much. Choosing a relaxed summer month like July reminds Capricorn to slow down, feel the love and stop to enjoy the moment. Mid- or late July after the 4th celebrations is a perfect time for more chilled out energy.


Aquarius weddings are full of inspiration and creativity, and February tends to be the most inspiring time of year for this zodiac sun sign. Coming soon after the start of the new year, Aquarius can look at their planning with fresh eyes and plenty of options. In later February, Aquarius can begin incorporating spring colors into their theme.


Dreaming about weddings is a favorite pastime for the romantic Pisces. March, with flowers blooming and a new season about to begin, gives the Pisces an easy way to create the exact fantasy wedding they’ve always envisioned. For maximum bloom, think late March between the 15th and the 31st.

Once you have that perfect date set in stone, it’s time to get planning. Check out our destination wedding planning checklist to get you started.

McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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