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You’ve picked the right people for the job. Whether you’ve chosen your best buds, college roommates, brothers or cousins, the hardest part is over. Now it’s time to let the fun begin by looking at some important stuff–like the gifts you’re going to give your best buds. 

Even though you may be wanting something light-hearted, it doesn’t excuse you from buying something, well…that sucks. Try not to listen to Uncle Bob or Aunt Janes suggestions of t-shirts and engraved bottle openers. Those gifts get stuffed in a drawer – never to see the light of day again! 

We’ve made the shopping easy for you by listing the 14 most meaningful (and impressive) gifts for your groomsmen. 

14 Effing Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Every great group of friends has its different characters– from the dad to the joker, they’re all there. This guide helps you choose meaningful gifts for your groomsmen while taking their personalities into account.


The responsible one who never drinks any alcohol. He’s always looking out for everyone else and is ever-ready to be the designated driver.

Groomsmen Gifts: Coffee

1. The personalized coffee gift set
This coffee growler and mug set is perfect for the friend who’s always looking out for the next cup of coffee. Give a sincere touch by slapping your buddy’s name on it.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Portable Espresso

2. The portable espresso machine
So your mate’s an absolute pothead, eh? (Coffee pot of course.) Gift him this lightweight espresso machine. A dream come true for a coffee lover and a great way to keep your friendship brewing.

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Undoubtedly the most stylish, most charismatic and definitely a hit with the ladies! Whatever he touches turns to gold.

Monogrammed groomsmens cigar case

3. Cigar case
This stylish personalized case stores 50 cigars. Have your best mate puffin’ in style.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized Cufflinks

4. The upper-class trio
A personalized set of cufflinks, tie clip, and a money clip. This gift is timeless and ideal to finish off the Bond look!

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CHEERS! Bottoms up! Down the hatch! Sound familiar?

You guessed it, next up is that friend of yours who can sink drink after drink, yet it never seems to touch the sides! But, just as a great bottle of wine matures with age, your friendship with this mate will just keep getting better.

5. The personalized whiskey decanter
This fine-looking decanter is eye-catching and different to your everyday pitchers. Every time your best mate has a drink he’ll be thinking of you.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Secret Flask

6. The secret flask
Why not try something a bit unconventional. This secret flask is in the shape of a hand lotion bottle and will certainly bring on some laughter!

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The friend who’s often stern, can be a critic at times, and for some reason is always in or out of a serious relationship. He’s the modern, hipster type who takes pride in his appearance. 

7. The wet shave kit
This gift is absolutely ideal for the friend who likes to take care of his looks. This all-inclusive shaving kit is perfect for a groomsman!

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8. The leather wallet
This stylish leather wallet can be personalized for a special touch. For the bud who’s always organized, it’s a wonderful gift.

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JOKER by day, GAMBLER by night

The happy go lucky chap who never lets anything get him down. This friend is also the risk-taker, adventure seeker, and thrill maker!

Groomsmen Gifts: Beeropoly

9. Beeropoly
Gift your buddy this awesome drinking game (you know he’ll be good at it!)  Just be prepared for the next boys’ night out.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized Poker Set

10. The classic poker set
This personalized poker set is a unique gift for groomsmen! This set includes two packs of cards, four sets of poker chips, and five dice. 

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The RODEO King

Bringing some Southern hospitality to the group: the friend who loves his home and his rodeo.

Groomsmen Gifts: Cowboy Lighter

11. The Rodeo lighter
A lighter’s always a great gift to give. Even if your mate’s not a smoker, they’re one of those items that’s always handy to have around for lighting the gas stove, getting a fire going or even popping the cap off a beer. 

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Groomsmen Gifts: Southern Beer Mug

12. The best Southern beer mug
Show your mate some Southern hospitality with this character-filled personalized beer mug.

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All for one and one for all

Just for gags take a look at these group gifts for the day of your wedding. 

Groomsmen Gifts: Socks

13. Groomsmen socks
Imagine you and all your groomsmen wearing matching socks at your wedding! A groom’s dream come true.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Sunglasses

14. Grooms crew sunglasses
So your wedding’s outdoors and you really want to protect your mates’ eyes, eh? Get yourself and your entourage of groomsmen matching sunglasses to wear. 

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The day you get married is certainly a great day for you, but an even greater day for your groomsmen! These gifts will be meaningful and memorable.

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