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While engagement gifts might not be a requirement, they are common when celebrating an engaged couple. Engagement gifts usually go one of two ways – they’re either a classic wedding gift-type item from a registry, like a serving platter or a photo frame, or they’re a bit quirkier, more intimate and personal to the couple. The latter sort of gift is the kind most often given by close family and friends who know and love the couple well!

Unique Engagement Gifts That Are Sure To Delight Your Favorite Couple 

1.  100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster

 Beautiful to display and a lot of fun, the 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster keeps adventure in love. Couples are provided with 100 different date ideas, and they scratch off each one as they experience that date. Dance classes, baking adventures, weekends away, movie nights and more keep that spark alive!

2.  Personalized Engagement Map Print

Bring them back to where it all began with the Personalized Engagement Map Print. In a beautiful watercolor style, the map features the state, province or country where the couple got engaged along with a heart pointing to the specific location. Underneath the map will be the couple’s names and date of engagement.

 3.  The Happy Couple Personalized Wine By Mark & Graham

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 The Happy Couple Personalized Wine by Mark & Graham is individually etched and painted to celebrate the engagement or marriage of a happy couple. With a shelf-life of up to 12 months, the Cabernet Sauvignon held inside is perfect for making that special date night even better.

4.  Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal For Two

As life gets stressful it can be easy for couples to forget about nurturing their relationship together. The Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal For Two is full of prompts, questions and ideas that couples can use to maintain their closeness and keep their relationship strong.

5.  Love You With Every Beat Of My Heart Body Pillowcase

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This body pillowcase features a fun print that shows just where the heartbeat leads – to each other! The pillowcase is machine washable and has an envelope closure on the back to keep the case securely on a favorite body pillow.

6.  Marital Bliss Game

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Fun should never take a backseat in any relationship! Partners can send each other on fun adventures and be rewarded with equally fun rewards cards. This isn’t your traditional game night game as it sends couples on various sweet-themed missions throughout the course of an entire week.  

7.  Toilet Tag Game

Couples that share a bathroom together can now share a little fun together while they’re in there! The Toilet Tag Game is a fun activity book filled with questions and prompts that couples are to engage with while they’re enjoying their “private time”. Perfect for quirky couples, this is an engagement game that is sure to bring about plenty of laughs.  

8.  Creative Kissing Mugs Set

Couples can start every morning off right with a set of mugs that fits together almost as perfectly as they do. With heart shaped handles, each mug is shaped like the profile of a face, so that when the mugs are pushed together they affectionately “kiss”.

One mug says “Good Morning Beautiful” with a set of red lips, while the other says “Good Morning Handsome” alongside a fancy handlebar mustache. For the coffee loving couple, it’s a sure way to start every morning off with a smile!

9.  This Is My Wedding Planning Glass Set

Wedding planning can be pretty involved and keeping it lighthearted is the best way to have the most fun with it! The This Is My Wedding Planning Glass Set has a stemless wine glass and a pint glass so both halves of the couple have just the refreshment they need to have a little extra fun while planning out their perfect wedding day.

After the wedding planning period is over, the glasses serve as a lasting reminder of the big steps they took together!

10.  Personalized Eternal Love Wooden Photo Album

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Give them the unique engagement gift they’ll use to tell their love story to the world! The Personalized Eternal Love Wooden Photo Album can be customized with the couple’s names and engagement or wedding date, and it holds up to 100 4x6in photos. From their very first date to the start of their happily ever after, it’s a gift they’ll fill with love from cover to cover. 

The wedding process is filled with meaningful mementos. A framed invitation takes you back to where it all began. Unique engagement gifts bring you back to the time and space you first celebrated your big next step with all the folks you love the most. Our Wedding Photos Checklist makes sure the couple gets all of those perfect shots that’ll make them feel warm and fuzzy for years to come! 

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McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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