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In this episode of The Collective Questions: A Wedding Show, McKenzi talks to Lyric & Heba, the owners of FairyTail Pet Care Las Vegas, licensed and insured to provide professional event day pet care services, specializing in being couples’ pet’s plus-one on their wedding day.


00:00 Backstory of FairyTail Pet Care

01:10 Introducing the guests

03:50 Who needs this service and what to expect

07:50 How does the service work for the Las Vegas market

11:30 How does this service work for elopements

13:00 Comparison between boarding your pet or bringing him on

15:30 What if your venue is not pet friendly

17:15 Allowing everyone to have a great time at your wedding

20:00 What are the add-on services

23:00 The giving back program

24:20 How to contact them

Full Transcript

[00:00:00] Fairy tale pet care, you know, started back in 2015, and it’s a really sweet backstory, actually. It’s two middle school besties that grew up with each other, you know, worked with each other. You know, almost over 10 jobs, like they really were. Mm-hmm. were stuck at the hip. Really? And they actually adopted three dogs.

Together. Mm-hmm. . And so those three dogs that they adopted are actually the dogs in the fairy tale logo. And then, you know, they were working in hospitality and uh, and they just saw a huge need and a huge gap for people assisting with, including people’s pets. Mm-hmm. in their weddings. So they did it for free out of the kindness in their heart and the love for animals as well.

And then realized, Oh wait, but wait, there’s more now. That’s where really the company came to be, and again, just in this past year, they announced that they were franchising, so seven years of great growth for them.[00:01:00] 

All right, so today on our show we have two lovely gals that offer PET services for weddings. I’ll let you two introduce yourselves. Yeah. Hi, my name’s Lyric. I’m one of the co-owners here at Fairy Tale Pet Care Las Vegas. Um, we’ve been here in Vegas for about five, six months now. Uh, but I’ve been working for Fairy Tale for about three years now.

Awesome. Um, yeah, I’ve been doing wedding day pet care for three years. Uh, fell in love with it when I was living back in Florida. And, um, my partner, this is also my life partner, Heba, and I, uh, decided. We’re gonna move to Vegas and the franchise opportunity just popped up and we took it and ran with it.

Awesome. And you are Heba. . Got it, right? That was a good day. Yeah. So, hey everyone, my name’s Heva and as Lyric mentioned, we’re both, uh, business and life partners. So both co-owners of the Fair Tale Franchise here in Las Vegas, Marriage Capital of the world. Super excited at. Um, [00:02:00] before fairytale, you know, I found myself in a lot more of operations, management, project management.

So, um, I think with our love of love, our love for animals, and then just our love for kind of event management or just project management in general, kind of all mixed in together and, and brewed up a really great experience for us. Awesome. That’s so great. So tell me a little bit about the company. Yeah, sure.

So, fairy tale, pet care, . I didn’t know who I gonna kick off, but, um, fairy tale pet care, you know, started back in 2015, Uhhuh. It’s based in Tampa, Florida, and it’s a really sweet backstory. Actually. It’s two middle school besties that grew up with each other, you know, worked with each other, you know, almost over 10 jobs.

Like they really were. we’re stuck at the hip. Really? And they actually, through college, were roommates, um, adopted three dogs together. Mm-hmm. . And so those three dogs that they adopted are actually the dogs in [00:03:00] the fairy tale logo. Okay. So that’s a cool, fun fact there. Yeah. These. These little poppers on our shirts, those are, are the company’s founders dogs themselves.

And then, you know, they were working in hospitality and, and they just saw a huge need and a huge gap for people assisting with, including people’s pets. Mm-hmm. in their weddings. So they did it for free, not of the kindness in their heart and the love for animals as well. And then realize, oh wait, but wait, there’s more.

Right. Right. You know, that’s where really the company came to be. And again, just in this past year, uh, they announced that they were franchising, so Oh, that so cool. Seven years of great growth for them. Yeah. That’s so great. Okay, so tell me a little bit about, Okay, so the name Perry or Fairytale Pet Care.

Make sure I get that right. Okay. Yeah. . And then, um, so Lyric, tell me a little bit about kind of what does it look like to, to, for a couple to hire, like who needs this kind of [00:04:00] service Actually, Yeah, I mean honestly this is for any couple that has a pet. Okay. Um, I know our logos is dogs. Um, we do primarily dogs just cuz they’re easier to kind of paint on a wedding day.

However, we’ve done an array of different animals. We’ve done cats, micro pigs. I’ve been, we’ve been, uh, what are those? Uh, Bearded dragons. Bearded dragons. I was gonna say a lizard. Yeah, lizard. We do bearded dragons. Um, we’ve done quite a few. As long as they’re domesticated, we do not judge. Um, we do not do breed restrictions either.

So even if you have a rot, ryer, pit bull, those mm-hmm. deemed aggressive breeds, um, we still love on them. That’s true. like, We love ’em all. Um, all of our handlers are, you know, certified in training with animals, so we all can deal with those type of breeds. Okay, cool. So, so let’s just talk about actually how it works, like logistically.

So somebody’s looking in the, and they’re like, Gosh, you know, and this happens a lot. I [00:05:00] mean, we have a lot of couples at Cactus Collective. They’re like, I just really wanna include my pet, you know, they’re my family. Yeah. And because we do so many elopement, oftentimes our pet is our only. Yeah, so let’s talk about kind of like actually how it works logistically, like people are in Choire and just walk me through the whole process.

Yeah. So I’ll kind of start it off. Sure. Um, when our couples inquire, they go on our website, they fill out a quick form mm-hmm. , um, it just kind of gives us a back information, their name, event, date, time, place, pet’s name. Mm-hmm. , uh, breed, all of that. Mm-hmm. . And then before they even book, we give them a complimentary 30 minute initial consultation.

Okay. So we’ll hop on a phone with them and answer any questions, walk them through the entire process. Um, and coordinate a timeline with them to figure out, okay, are we picking up your pet, or, Oh, your pet’s not gonna be picked up. They’re only gonna be dropped off. Great. We’ll customize it so our package is customizable fully.

It’s, it’s [00:06:00] not a set. , you know, way of doing it. We have, we have set packages. Mm-hmm. , but they’re all customizable. Got it. Um, clients, So, so you said pick up and drop off. So I actually assumed, Okay. You, you show up on the wedding day, the couples brought their pet and you just hang out with the pet on the wedding day.

But it sounds like it’s quite a bit more extensive than that. Let’s talk about that. Yeah, sure. Yeah. I think one of the things we. Ourselves in is offering, you know, end to end planning and all inclusive packages. And so, like Lyric mentioned, it really is to provide people this, you know, hands off, stress free, fun filled experience.

Mm-hmm. . Um, so it depends on the package type, but our. Basic package and our base package offers that round trip transportation to and from the venue. Um, everything from rental attire so that they’re dressed to impressed. And then we offer our tuxedos and flower collars Oh, cups. Yeah. So it’s what gets them picture ready and picture [00:07:00] perfect.

Mm-hmm. , um, you know, pet care, obviously all throughout everyth. From feeding, walking, potty breaks and so on. Photography assistance is huge. Right? Yeah. That really is what’s capturing, again, those picture perfect moments, those memory keep takes that you could look back on. Right. You know, years come to say, Wow, like my baby, my very best friend was there.

Yeah. When I got married, I got one of the most special days of my lives, so it’s, it’s. That all included. And again, to allow folks to enjoy their special day without have to like worry about a single thing, we’re there to love on them and be their honorary pet plus one . That’s awesome. I love that. So, so let’s say, you know, like Las Vegas is a very destination wedding city, so, I mean, does it work the same in Las Vegas as it does in other areas?

Because people don’t necessarily live here, so the pet can’t go to their home, for instance. Mm-hmm. , how does that work? So, um, it’s based in Florida, the [00:08:00] company, and I will say Florida’s also a really big destination. Mm-hmm. Um, location we have, I mean, I worked in the wedding industry for about five years in Florida.

Mm-hmm. Both on the venue side and on the wedding day pet care side. Mm-hmm. . So I worked with couples from locals all the way from people from California. Yeah. So we worked with people from everywhere. Mm-hmm. . Still saw that people brought their pets in. You know, they, Yeah. They travel with their pets.

Their pets. Their best friend. You know, they’ll uninvite uncle. Uncle what? Uncle Tom? Yeah. To invite their dog, you know, they’re like, I don’t care. I’ll find a way to have my dog there. Yeah. I think an important thing to know is that we, you know, we get that question a lot. Do you guys. Provide boarding. So unfortunately while we don’t provide a boarding facility, we can still provide that pickup drop off.

Mm-hmm. , we do ask our clients that they provide those locations for us. You know, obviously pre-event, and that’s part of our coordination that we, that we provide is understanding where would you like them picked up? Where would you like them dropped off? [00:09:00] So long as they can secure a private location for that, you know, we, we offer.

we offer overnight is, um, if they provide a different location for it. Mm-hmm. , that’s what was gonna be my next question. Mm-hmm. . So let’s say, you know, the pet, you know, they, they don’t want the pet to go with them to their reception. Yep. But they want them there for the ceremony, but they know they’re gonna party all night.

Mm-hmm. , Right? So you stay, you, you have a team that can stay with. Yeah. And that’s really what we push our clients to actually do. Okay. We don’t like staying past, um, cocktail hour is really what we kind of stop it at, right? Um, we’ll do like intros into receptions type of thing, but after that we kind of cut it off because at that point, the dog is done.

Yes, they’re ready to go back. They’re like, Okay, Too many people. So we actually push our clients to leave. So once that happens, With all of our packages, we take them back if they have transportation mm-hmm. , and we include 30 minutes of end of night care. Okay. Um, then if the client’s like, Hey, can you stay with our dog until the morning?

We will stay with the dog. That’s a [00:10:00] separate package, but our team will stay with the dog. Mm-hmm. good. That is so cool. And it’s for their whole wedding weekend. I mean, we just did a wedding in California. Mm-hmm. and they booked us for three days. Yeah. Okay. So we did three days of care for their dog, um, or two dogs for their wedding.

And I think that’s really it. We, we don’t do general pet care. Mm-hmm. But we do like pre and post event day pet care as well. So if it’s the day school, the night after the wedding, just so that, again, it’s that hands free, enjoy your time, but know that you’re, you’re. Family is being taken care of. That is so great.

Gosh. You know they need this service for humans. Little humans. . Yeah. Little Pet care. Why do you say that? We always end up being the little kids’ babysitters at weddings as well. Oh yeah. Because we have the dog and the. Love the dog and mom and dad are like, Oh, the dog ladies, you guys get over there. Them.

I’m like, That’ll be extra . But no, we love, and that’s [00:11:00] the thing too, I mean, Lyric especially is both like a dog and baby whisperer. Yeah. Um, so we pride ourselves in that. Like we will take care of all little ones, uh, at the wedding day. . That is so fun. I love it. , let’s talk about elopement specifically. So, you know, they’re shorter, they’re for, you know, fewer people.

Do you find that a lot of people are still kind of desiring this for elopement? And how do, is a package any different really? I mean, it probably isn’t, but. I mean, or actually our co-owner or co-founder Kelly, she actually eloped for her wedding. Okay. Um, she actually eloped in Colorado for her wedding and the only guest at her wedding was her dog.

Okay. So just like what I said again? Yeah, just like what you said, it was literally, um, Alana, which is her best friend and co-founder as well, she was the officiant. Uh huh. Um, Kelly, her husband and the dog. Yep. Um, were there and Kelly said it was the best moment she had in her life was just to look over and see her dog smiling back at her.

Mm-hmm. and it was just her and her [00:12:00] partner and just their dog together. So yeah. Said it was one of the most special days of her life to just look back and see that. Yeah, and Vegas especially. Mm-hmm. , again, it’s marriage capital of the world, but especially for those micro weddings. One of our more recent, uh, weddings that we supported actually was an elopement at the classic, a little white chapel wedding, uh, wedding chapel.

And it really was the couple and their two dogs. And it creates, allows for that intimate, you know, occasion and it’s short and sweet. So for the sake of the package, it’s, it’s all services minus transportation. Got it. Just because, because they’re coming in and out, they already have possession of their pets with them.

Um, but it keeps it short and sweet and to the point. But otherwise, all other, um, services provided just shorter time. Got it. That is so great. I, this just feels. Oh, this is what people are looking for. You know, like Yeah. Yeah. full time. We hear people say, We wish you would had heard about you before we got married.

Right. I think that because a lot of [00:13:00] people end up, you know, they, they come for their wedding and they’re like, Gosh, you know, it’s just gonna be a lot. Mm-hmm. for to take the pet. But I mean, I don’t necessarily wanna talk about too much in the financials, but if you think about possibly boarding your pet for a week away mm-hmm.

or. Bringing your pet along with. Hiring your service, it’s actually gonna be better financially too. Yeah. Right. I mean, and it’s just the memories that you just kept for, I mean, I, I know we’re going for the feely fields here, not only giving money. Yeah. You get memories on top of that. Yeah. It’s like, For sure.

Yeah. It’s, they’re, they’re really benefiting both, It, it’s much cheaper to just have the service, have them included and create that lifelong memory rather than just have them boarded up and not be there. So it really is kind of opportunity costs altogether. Yeah. I like the way you think. I was gonna say, the biggest thing with our service also is against boarding, is whenever we onboard our clients, we bring them onto our [00:14:00] software, Uhhuh, Um, our software, ask our clients, I wanna say over 200 questions about both their event and their pets.

They get pretty invasive. We get very detailed. I mean, we know everything about their dog. Right. That you can, Like, do they, do they not like, you know, do they have a special lovey? Do they mm-hmm. ? Yeah. Not. Small humans. Do you? Yep. Then you would know. It’s pretty nitty gritty. Yeah, that’s pretty neat. Uh, I think the thing we say, Like, most people are like, Oh my God, do you take dogs to weddings?

Like that’s the best job ever. And it really is. Sometimes, most of the time it really doesn’t feel like a job. And simultaneously we take our jobs so, so seriously. Yes. Very. That inquiry and all that detailing that we go through gets clients to think about their pet more than they’ve thought about their pet in a really long time.

They’re like, Oh, snap. Yeah, they, they don’t like this. Or they, Oh, that’s, I haven’t thought about that in a while, but that’s how seriously we take obvious. Taking possession side of it of, of someone else’s baby. [00:15:00] So, um, yeah, it’s just kind of the both sides of the coin there, I mean, is so neat. License and insured.

Um, that’s the biggest thing is we ensure not only your venue, but also your pet. So if anything were to happen to your pet in our hands, um, knock on wood, the past six years, nothing has ever happened, but if anything happened, we do have insurance, uh, specifically for our jobs to cover your pet if we do need to take them to a vet for any reason.

Mm-hmm. Got it. Wow. I’ll tell you the, the double good side to that, obviously for, for pet care, that’s huge. Mm-hmm. that way again, you know, for any liability purposes, your pet can be supported in that way. But it almost becomes especially important when it comes to talking to venues. Yes. Because obvious.

Oh, I’m sure, yes. Yeah. Cuz it, the conversation then becomes, you know, one is the venue pet friendly, and we help own that conversation for our clients. Again, part of that end to end planning and coordination is engaging with. Venues understanding their existing pet policies [00:16:00] and there’s been plenty of times where venues might not be pet friendly, but once we come in and provide them our, our full insurance package, Oh my gosh, this is so They are, yeah, they are then fully secured and are onboard to say, Yep.

You know you’re good to go. There’s accountability there and a lot of venues, if otherwise, like without our service, we’ll charge that extra liability fee. So that’s another great bonus for us as to why our base package is so all-inclusive. It includes essentially that insurance, so costs won’t be charged.

That additional fee that is like such a awesome. Thing because I have a feeling, you know, that, I mean, what, what’s cool is that, um, people might, you know, they listen to this or they thinking about it like, gosh, you know, I really want Stuy at the wedding, but our venue doesn’t allow pets. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So what you’re saying, what I heard, and you can.

Say no, that’s not what I said. Mackenzie . But often, sometimes venues [00:17:00] will, once they know that a service like yours is provided and how in depth it is, they will allow it. Mm-hmm. , I would say almost nine times outta 10. Yeah. I don’t think a venue has ever said no. I don’t think it’s perfect, just mm-hmm. . And it’s something to consider too, cuz I think a lot of times we’ve come across clients where they’re like, Oh, we’re thinking of including Stuy in, um, in the wedding, but we’re not too sure how, Or maybe I’ll just have Uncle Joey.

Yeah. Do it. I’m like, Uncle Joey is there to have a good time too. I think a biggest, another big thing is, you know mm-hmm. don’t like allow everyone in your wedding, all wedding guests included to enjoy your special day as well. Well, you are like speaking my language. Yeah. Yeah. Let us take care of it. So again, most also the reality of weddings is most of them are not.

Right. Uncle Joey is, is not gonna be like fully there to be fully responsible. So that’s where we come into play. Obviously fully attentive, full love and care for the pet [00:18:00] and, and ensuring that we’re complying to certain venue regulations or policy. Maybe they’ll say, Hey, your pet is allowed in one section versus another.

And be cognizant of all that. And we know this all before we even go into the. Yeah. So our handlers, they have access to that software before they even get to the wedding day. Mm-hmm. . So on the wedding day, they know exactly what the rules are, they know what the plan is, the timeline where ceremony, at what time is ceremony.

Right. Um, they know everything. So on the day of, again, the planner, the couple, no one really has to worry about it because our handlers have all. In their back pocket on the app. That’s so neat. So cool. Yeah. Uncle Joey would not wanna have to be thinking about all of this on the day of I. I’ve said that for every aspect of a wedding, you know, Oh yeah.

That I grew up in the Midwest, and it seems very common here to just say like, Well, you know, Aunt Sally can do this, and Uncle Joey can do that. And it is a reminder that they’re [00:19:00] guests as well. And while they’re very happy to support you and do all the things for your wedding, it’s a special time for them to celebrate with you and.

Work for you . Exactly. And I’ll tell in a nice way, in a nice way. The extra bonus is that people love having us in a way there as well. Cuz we, we celebrate as guests emotionally, like come vow time, we’re shedding tears alongside with them. You know, we’re, we’re tearing on couples and their guests as well.

So I think we also we’re just a good. right alongside, alongside job, you know, part of your requirements. Are you a good time check? Oh yeah, Yeah. Oh yeah. And our handlers come in looking like they’re dog handlers. It’s, it’s, they have utility belts, you know, collars, leashes, ba like it’s, they come in looking.

Yeah. They kinda look like what we are, we’re, we’re blacked out, we’re sleek, we’re undercover. , but we’re gonna have a good time right alongside you. Mm-hmm. . That’s great. I love it. Well, is there anything else you’d like to [00:20:00] add for our listeners about the services you offer? I mean, before I met Lyric, I met Lyric at a a networking event and I did not know the service existed.

So all of this is super fresh and new to me and I just think that a lot of people might not even know it exists. So if there’s anything else you’d like to include, share. I’ll touch on for add-on services. We, we briefly touched on it a bit before, right? So our base wedding package is really tailored to the actual event, um, time, like a little pre, a little post.

Mm-hmm. . Um, but we do offer overnight care as well if, if needed. Another great feature offer that we, uh, provide is a specialty dog of honor video. Okay. And so, yeah, we absolutely love it. Super cute memory keepsake for a lot of our clients. If they want, again, more of that, uh, video that. It’s taken from the dog’s perspective mm-hmm.

throughout the wedding day. So, you know, getting ready, [00:21:00] getting to the event, like walking down the aisle. It’s all professionally filmed on a GoPro and professionally edited as well. Um, it’s about a three to four minute YouTube video. Mm-hmm. , um, that gets uploaded. So that’s also a special add on if, you know folks were interested.

You know, I wonder what Stewy was doing throughout the day. And you get to kind see all the, all the, you know, different reactions and different emotions throughout the day as people are interacting with the client pet. So That’s so cool. Yeah, I love that. One of my favorite things to do. Yeah. Yeah. I sometimes will go on YouTube, like go on the company pages, YouTube, just to like watch it and just be like, Oh my God.

So cute. Yeah. So highly recommend for people you. I know it’s a unique video, so if people are interested, they can definitely check us out on YouTube and, and go through, you know, the, the Dog of honor, um, magical experience. Cool. The only other service we really offer besides the care is our engagement sessions.

Um, a lot of times our couples are like, you know what, [00:22:00] like, uh, Stuy is just not go-round people. Right? He’s just like, I want him to be there, but he is just really reactive. Mm-hmm. towards kids and there’s gonna be a lot of kids at my wedding. Mm-hmm. , you know, and that happens and we don’t, we never wanna.

A pet in its uncomfortable situation. So we’ll always go to our couples and say, Hey, you know, Stu, we might not be best at the wedding, but how about we do an engagement session where we have a photographer that we work with, She’s a pet photographer here in Vegas, Uhhuh , and she will come in and make sure she gets beautiful pictures of your family and your pet.

Um, so you can at least have those memories on your wedding. So we offer that as well, just in case the wedding day doesn’t work. Mm-hmm. , got it. On that note, actually, do you offer engagement services that are with like the couple’s wedding photographer, for instance? Mm-hmm. , so you can just have an add on service.

Of engagement, but not use the, but not use the photo. Yeah. Perfect. Got it. Okay, cool. Photography assistants or we could do more of an all inclusive photographer [00:23:00] included. Perfect. That’s awesome. Yeah. Um, the only other thing I really wanted to touch back is the giving back program. I think that’s my favorite part about.

our company is that every wedding we do, we give back to a local shelter. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Um, because the fund doesn’t stop at a wedding, it shouldn’t stop at a wedding. We wanna make sure that every furry animal has that forever home to go back to. Mm-hmm. . Right. Um, so the past, you know, since we’ve been in business, we’ve donated over $20,000 mm-hmm.

uh, to local shelters. So. Nice. Um, yeah. Any person that books with us, you’re giving back to local shelters. Mm-hmm. And you’re helping local. That’s so beautiful. I love it. There’s actually something I do wanna talk to you about our, we do a service project at Cactus Collective every quarter, and for our last quarter, I, I’ll talk with you more offline about this, but we’re looking at doing something with, um, shelters, so mm-hmm.

I’d love to talk with you more about that. Yeah, love that. and Lyric volunteers. Yeah, time too at local shelters at the animal [00:24:00] foundation and also partnering with that pet photographer, um, to take, you know, pups out for the day for That’s what we wanna, I wanna talk to you about actually, because we’re creatives and I wanna get back to that, to that community as well.

So, so much fun. Pets are family and so we want all pets to have that familial experience. Yeah, I love it. So how can people find more about you? You have an Instagram, social, what’s all that good? We have all the socials, all, It’s all about the socials. We have all the socials, we have Instagram. Um, now for couples, we do like to know that this is a franchise business, so our.

National Page is Fairytale Pet Care. They are our national brand. They represent all of the franchises. Mm-hmm. . Um, but each franchise, so Vegas specifically, we do have our own pages on Instagram, uh, Facebook and talk. We have our own. So on Instagram, you could find us. At Fairytale Pet Care underscore Vegas.

And again, [00:25:00] tail is spelled t a i l. Ah, dog tail. Important. Cause people Aren spelling it t a l e and we’re like, No, no, no, we’re we’re the fairy tale pet care. Got it. I love it. Who? And I think that’s our handle across most of our Yeah. We, we kept it kind the same everywhere. Cool. So that’s Instagram, TikTok, and on Facebook we’re just fairytale Pet Care.

Uh, dash Las Vegas. Mm-hmm. . Okay. And then to find, um, like the website is just fairytale PET care that com mm-hmm. ? Yep. Yep. Love it. D a i l, . D a I l. And I’m assuming once you get to the website, it’s pretty easy to navigate. Like Vegas, Tampa. Yep. You just hit weddings, locations. And then we’re the first, We’re the only one in Nevada, so Vegas.

Okay. Sorry, Nevada. Come on outta staters. Can you, Nevada. Nevada, Yeah, it’s, yeah. All right. Well thank you so much. I learned so much about your service [00:26:00] and I think this is gonna be really beneficial for our couples, um, you know, that are wanting to include their pets or well, Yeah. All pets in their wedding.

Um, and know that they have options and resources to do so. And, and I think one thing, Probably my biggest takeaway is that your service often allows couples to bring their pets to their weddings that like the venue may not have previously okayed. So that’s so awesome. I think that’s so huge. So if you’re listening and you already decided not to include your pet, but now you’re like, gosh, maybe I can.

Here’s your answer. Yeah. And I want something like this actually really . Oh, was I little fur baby? She was sleeping. She’s probably so mad at her. She’s like, Put me down. I think pets. So, yeah, we really do. And uh, I really, I. Hate to sound gimmicky in a way, but like I really, my biggest encouragement to people is like, inquire and inquire now.

Right. I think the reality of the wedding [00:27:00] industry is that people book, you know, two, three years in advance and so like we’ve already received inquiries for Yeah. The next few years. Mm-hmm. . And so availability, believe it or not, is already, you know, starting to hook up or try or availability is slimming then.

So, you know, most people will ask, Oh, when do you need us to reach out? Like, reach out now, . Yeah, I totally. Start talking through it. Like any questions, doubts, concerns they may have. We like to hash that out as soon as possible and then for availability’s sake and like coordinating at the end of the day.

Mm-hmm. that none of this happens overnight. It takes time and like you mentioned, venue coordination, all that. So Cool. Well thank you so much. I appreciate having you guys on the show. Thanks so much for so much fun. All right. These two ladies were so much fun to talk about and there’s so many little nuggets that I didn’t even know about, which is the beauty of hosting a podcast.

I get to learn so many cool things about each of our guests and the services that they offer. But I just thought this was [00:28:00] a fun podcast and something that people probably don’t even realize that they can do. And um, so yeah, we just wanna help spread the word about fairy tale pet care. In Las Vegas, but they have multiple locations around the country.

So if you’re thinking about having a wedding and you wanna include your special family furry friend, I highly recommend you connect with Fairy Tale Pet Care and the two ladies on our show today. Were so fun. Thank you so much. We look forward to having you at some of our upcoming weddings.

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