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Lovin’ our venues?
You’re not the only one!
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They say that autumn is the sweet spot for Las Vegas weather, and nothing beats the elegant desert beauty of a fabulous fall wedding. The summer heat begins to wane, and the Mojave’s spectacular landscape sparkles in stunning shades of reds, purples, yellows, chocolates, tans, greens and more. When it comes to the perfect desert-wedding bouquet and the ultimate boutonniere bouquet, your options are almost endless.


You could always choose the traditional matrimonial route and say “I do” holding a classic round bunch of red, pink or ivory roses and the same for your partner in a vintage rose boutonniere adorned to his lapel. However, Vegas is modern, and here, you don’t have to follow strict guidelines. It’s all about “us,” and your big day should reflect that.

Rosette succulents in pretty jade and yellow-orange grace this elegant-bouquet. White roses are nestled in the arrangement to lend traditional beauty along with delicate foliage and tiny pinkish and cream-colored blooms.
Echeveria succulents and lush roses in white give bold structure to this arrangement with numerous textured foliage and desert greenery. More pops of creamy blooms allow this floral bunch to stand out.
There is rustic outdoor beauty everywhere you turn to view in the desert, so bouquets and boutonnieres can take your nuptials to the next level with unique and creative florals that define the Mojave’s natural essence.


Your bride and bridesmaids bouquets are an important facet of your marriage day. So it’s okay to take your time, and shop around for the proper floral spray that enhances the overall look (and theme if you have one). Maybe it’s romantic or bohemian or contemporary or minimalist or even over-the-top.

Floral crowns are another way to create a boho-bridal vibe. There is a language of florals at every nuptials, and their pretty pop of colors always add to the beautiful moment on your beautiful day.

Floral designers can make the loveliest desert floral arrangement and corsage collection that match your bridal dress, bridesmaid dresses or even the color of your shoes. You can also incorporate these same desert shades for the groom and groomsmen and their boutonnieres.

The desert hues can also extend to your nuptial’s centerpieces and decorations for either an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Tiny accents like your place cards can contain or hold desert greenery or floral blooms that complement the reception.

Large rosette mint succulents join beautifully with blue native desert larkspur for vivid appeal with blush garden florals and thick greenery. The autumn-bouquet displays attractive layers of dimension.
Elegant eucalyptus leaves help define this feminine-bouquet with jumbo succulents in lilac, light green and bluish-gray. Garden pastel blooms create a pretty palette for the nuptials.

Bright orange hollowed-out pumpkins can become instant vases holding rosette succulents and garden roses. Even autumn blooms and cacti look especially attractive placed inside a pair of rugged brown boots as a country-style decoration. The ideas are practically infinite for your cozy desert nuptials and after-party.

Little succulents also make for adorable party favor ideas placed in pots, pails or votives. Guests will adore these creative, rustic gifts that you can make yourself.

If you have a wishlist you don’t believe is available, think again. Florists can deliver the look you dream of for that walk down the aisle. These experts have access to all kinds of flower and foliage adornment that create the unique statement bridal bouquets are known for. You can order them online, place them in your shopping cart, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

A striking honeycomb-bouquet with feather and cacti throughout form an authentic desert vibe. Bright rose-burgundy hued rosette succulents dominate the display. The unique bunch is tied with a peach ribbon.
What’s extra special about a desert-bouquet is its charming natural arrangement. Using stunning succulents, clusters of berries and rustic greenery with classic flowers can create all kinds of angles, shapes, textures and exotic beauty. When you think about it, autumn is nature’s gift for seasonal crispness and a colorful mood. Succulent-bouquets elevate your big day for their rare beauty, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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