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There’s something magical about the idea of vow renewal. As we continue nurturing our love story, we reflect on the reasons why we said I do” and revisit those beautiful memories.  

If your special day was pretty traditional or the first time around, celebrating your vow renewal gives you the freedom to break away from typical marriage conventions and embrace a different path that truly reflects your relationship.

Following the traditional script may have been fine for your original wedding, but if it didn’t quite fit you, and you went with it anyway, now is your chance to redo your “I do”s. 

We always encourage couples to cultivate these beautiful memories and embrace growth in their marriage! If you have adventurous souls and look forward to rekindling your promises of love, you’ll cherish a unique celebration by hiking to your happily ever after. 

Walking down the aisle in a church is one way to do it, but a more unconventional approach would be hiking down a trail instead! Read on to see how you can make a nature embracing vow renewal happen.

A Romantic Escape for Just the Two of You 

Your vow renewal is the perfect excuse to break free from the ordinary and organize an intimate ceremony in a natural outdoor setting.

There are two ways to do this. If you want to include a few of your closest friends and family, a microwedding might be in order. But, if you’d prefer to have a hiking adventure or escape built into your vow renewal for just the two of you, then an elopement is the way to go. 

There are benefits to both. There’s always room for a handful of guests on the trails, and they’ll be happy to be sharing your journey with you, but sometimes you just have to get away.

If you’re happy to share this celebration with your loved ones, you may choose to organize a couples hiking session immediately afterward, just for you and your sweetheart to escape. This would give you the best of both worlds.

If you’re seeking adventure and looking to reconnect with your partner, we love the idea of a romantic hiking get away. Enjoy your time together, away from the hustle and bustle, cherishing each other’s company. 

Your To-Do List to Plan Your Hiking Vow Renewal 

First things first — if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our blog, The Need-to-Knows for Planning a Vow Renewal, for a helpful guide in your planning process.

We’ve curated a list of everything you need to know to take your vow renewal to the next level, helping toy create a unique experience for avid adventurers like you. 

Choosing the Renewal Location 

Planning an adventurous vow renewal doesn’t have to be stressful. Just ensure your location is ideally located so you aren’t too far away to explore your dream getaway.

Don’t forget to check out our various vow renewal packages in Las Vegas to find the one that aligns best with your vision. Valley of Fire is very popular, as is Red Rock Canyon. Other great venues with hiking options are the Spring Mountains and Mt. Charleston. All are a short drive from Las Vegas.

Choosing Your Outfit 

An outdoor adventure calls for comfortable attire! We look our best when we feel our best. Strike the perfect balance by opting for modern wedding attire, prioritizing stretch fabrics.  

Alternatively, it may be your chance to wear your beautiful gown again!  

Lightweight dresses are ideal, as they don’t take up much space in your suitcase. For the groom, we recommend a suit or jumpsuit that can be easily packed away before your escape. 

Hard core hikers and adventurers shouldn’t be afraid to bring along their top-end outfits, though. Some of the most stunning photos are a result of people packing in their dresses and suits in a bag and looking their best way out in the middle of nowhere. You can always do a quick change behind a rock pile or bush.

Booking Your Photographer 

Just as you would on your wedding day, ensuring you capture these precious moments with your loved one is paramount. Opting for a photography package not only should be an integral part of the process but will also serve as a beautiful keepsake for years to come!

If you’re planning to conquer mountains or explore rugged terrains, don’t forget to check out our photography packages. Not only is photography a core feature in our wedding collections but our experienced and creative photographers are incredibly fun to work with, not to mention always up for the adventure!

Best Hiking Ideas to a Happily Ever After 

From desert landscapes to mountain streams, your hiking destination is waiting to be explored. If you’re seeking an intimate experience amidst the desert scenery, look no further than Red Rock Canyon. There are hundreds of picturesque hiking trails tailored for your taste, no matter the season.

If you’re organizing your vow renewals with us, we will work with you individually to help you find the perfect hiking destination. Whether you decide to celebrate your love in Las Vegas or the Black Hills, we have the perfect trail for you.

You could explore the wonders of First Creek Trail, a mile across the flat desert on a well-defined trail, providing an unforgettable desert hiking experience.  Several trails near the visitor center are easily accessible near the entrance to the park. Calico Hills and Calico Tanks are both great. And if you want to avoid crowds, Calico Basin, outside of the entrance fee portion of the conservation area, is a relatively hidden gem.

The Red Rock Canyon hiking trails website is a great resource for helping you pick a good trail for your abilities and desired time commitment.
 Alternatively, you could venture into the trails of Black Hills, where options like Sunday Gulch Trail, Crow Peak Trail and Flume Trail offer amazing landscapes. 

The beauty of our micro wedding and elopement packages is in the diversity of activities available in the location you choose. Decide which destination aligns best with your personal taste as a couple, and from there, we can assist you in choosing the perfect backdrop for your memorable vow renewal ceremony.

The choice is yours — an adventure in the desert or a hike through the mountains. Nature’s beauty will surround you as you renew your love and commitment to each other.  

What to Bring on Your Vow Renewal Hiking Trip

Of course, if you are both already avid adventurers, you may already know what to bring, but let’s chat basics. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and energized by bringing water, snacks and a portable charger for your devices.

Sunscreen is a must, and we also highly recommend bringing hiking shoes, hats and sunglasses. And,  of course, don’t forget your sense of adventure and your vows!

Vegas is the perfect place to organize a hike to happily ever after! If you haven’t already, contact us below. We’re ready to help you turn your vow renewal dreams into a reality. 

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