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Updated September 13, 2019

Isn’t it romantic?

A winter wedding just seems dreamy to many, and even if snowflakes aren’t sweetly dropping down from the heavens as you make your way to your nuptials, the cooler season is still a lovely and quieter time to say “I do.”

We’ve been hunting for the best winter wedding trends and how it all ties in with a destination wedding in sexy Las Vegas. The weather here is generally chilly and sunny, and if any white stuff falls, it would probably come in a subtle, welcome dusting.

Winter’s Fashionable Fabrics

The cooler Vegas temperatures mean you can wear heavier garments with jewel-tone colors and layer them, and rock the wedding ensemble on the picturesque, winter desert landscape.

For example, velvet is sumptuous and an ideal choice for outdoor nuptials here for both the bride and groom. Not only does the rich fabric look amazing as a wedding dress or groom’s suit, but the bride can also choose velvet pumps for the big day.

Strong colors are another appealing essence during the winter season. Think about beautiful burgundy or fabulous forest green, deep sapphire or sophisticated amethyst for your attire. Even touches of silver or gold glitter add incredible shine to the nuptials.

Then, put on a trendy faux fur shrug or shawl to ward off the chill and complete the perfect and cozy winter bridal ensemble.

Succulents For Dressy Affair

Nothing says winter wedding more than flower arrangements created from the desert’s unique succulents. Cactus floral bouquets here in Las Vegas are natural, rustic and sophisticated. These botanical beauties can also dress up the reception table when placed in pretty glass containers. Their unusual shapes and shades add texture and visual interest to the special moment.

Another happening trend for the table comes in vintage-looking candelabras. These timeless accessories can add extra romance to the wedding ceremony and/or the reception. Indoors or outdoors, candelabras signify elegance and that special glow.

Icing On The Cake

During winter weddings, the wedding cake is another fun aspect of the momentous occasion. One of the trends in 2018 features a ruffled effect. It’s an unfussy design of several tiers with ruffled layers and classic flowers. The look is charming and a modern take on tradition.

Another yummy look for cakes at the reception is the metallic factor. It’s sparkly and eye-catching. Edible metallic sequins add a delicious touch, and anything with a metallic leaf is a plus. Pretty colors like rose gold and copper add uniqueness to your cake.

Winter Wedding Trends

Cocoa Is King

One amazing trend couples are into is the chocolate bar. That’s right; indoors or outdoors post-wedding is a little nook or corner set aside that offers a tasty cup of hot chocolate to cap off the event and warm up the couple and their special friends.

Toss in a little Kahlua or Peppermint Schnapps, cinnamon liquor or marshmallow vodka, and your chocolate beverage gets that much more celebratory. Cheers!

Candy canes are another clever touch when it comes to wedding ideas during the winter season. You can pass them out following the nuptials. The cute red and white striped classics can also be used to stir a cup of hot cocoa.

String of Lights

Nothing says winter wonderland like a string of white lights as you tie the knot outdoors in the gorgeous Las Vegas desert as the sun sets and the evening starts to envelop. You can achieve the elegant background with solar-powered lights that can be draped across the stunning rocks or wrapped around a nearby Joshua tree.

A string of white lights also spells out winter beauty at a rustic indoor reception.

A winter wedding is always unique, and Mother Nature plays her part all over the world. Here in lovely Las Vegas, we enjoy our stunning desert landscapes and colorful mountainous backdrops as the seasons change.

A winter ceremony here is very special, and with a little imagination, you can create that winter wonderland atmosphere.

Winter Wedding Trends Blanket

We’re on hand and ready to help answer your questions, discuss your wedding day ideas, or if you are a little further along in your planning we’re happy to start planning with you to firm up your arrangements.*

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McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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