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Lovin’ our venues?
You’re not the only one!
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So we’ve heard a thing or two about people wanting to get married at Electric Daisy Carnival. 

As non-traditional destination weddings go, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more adventurous.

But do people really do it? Are EDC weddings really a thing? The answer to both questions is, “YES, of course!”

As long as the wedding is performed by an ordained officiant, the ceremony is witnessed by a third person and a marriage license is properly applied for and granted by the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, then an EDC wedding is legal and there’s no stopping you from raving all night to celebrate.

EDC weekend is a great time to get married in Las Vegas. We’ll give you the reasons why, what an average EDC Las Vegas wedding entails and how to make your EDC wedding way better than average!

Why Have an EDC Wedding?

For many festival goers, getting married at Electric Daisy Carnival is a must-do on their festival schedule. You haven’t been to EDC if you haven’t built a totem, scored an exclusive NFT and gotten married, you know?

Having a wedding ceremony as part of an EDC trip is becoming more popular amongst attendees because Electric Daisy Carnival attracts all kinds of people.

When they’re at the rave they feel like they can be themselves, do whatever they want, love whoever they want — and of course merge all of those free-spirit vibes into the best day of their lives by marrying the love of their life.

The electronic dance community embraces love and happiness, so weddings at EDC just make sense.

Why else? Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and EDC isn’t alone when it comes to being a popular weekend to get married.

Event organizers plan for it, expect it and take advantage of it. People get married at the Formula 1 race (including a former F1 world champ), the Super Bowl (with Eli Manning helping perform the ceremony) the National Finals Rodeo and even (probably) the Consumer Electronics Show.

Vegas is synonymous with weddings. That’s great news for you, because it means that everything you’re dreaming of can happen in Vegas. 

EDC Wedding Reality Check

EDC does indeed offer weddings. It’s a cheap, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-sort of ceremony. In the past, they’ve taken place in Downtown EDC and are sort of an afterthought in a recap of the best parts about EDC

You’ll have to snag one of the limited openings when they pop up on the website. Pretty much everyone is angling for the time slots earlier in the evening so that they can hold their ceremony before the night gets wild.

Good luck getting one of these coveted time slots.

And, unless you wear your wedding attire to the festival grounds, you’ll be stuck changing into your tux or dress in an open bathroom amongst all the other EDC attendees, though there are reports of small lockers to stash your wedding attire in if you want to change back into your rave-wear after the wedding ceremony.

The whole non-personal experience will set you back about $400. Not ideal, but it can be done.

An EDC Wedding with More PLUR

All Peace Love Unity and Respect goes out from us to the EDC organizers. They do a heck of a job with the festival.

But we do weddings better. Making magical weddings happen in Las Vegas is kinda our kandi. It’s the thing we lovingly share with the community.

When you book one of our elopement or micro wedding packages and hold your ceremony in Downtown Las Vegas during your trip to Vegas for the festival, you’ll be right in the heart of the EDC action but won’t have to adhere to their restrictions.

Here’s how to crush your wedding ceremony in Downtown Las Vegas during the next Electric Daisy Carnival!


We, along with our sister company, Electric Sugar Elopements, have several great venues for you to choose from. 


The first and only independent arthouse theater in Las Vegas is perfect for EDC attendees.

If you love the way that Las Vegas Motor Speedway transforms into a huge dance party, then you’ll appreciate the different configurations and unique spaces inside this Downtown Las Vegas venue.

The theater has all the latest technology when it comes to lighting and audio allowing you and your guests to bring the space to life with your heartfelt vows, your dance moves and your love for each other.

We can’t get enough of the photogenic architectural and design elements at the Beverly, and their drive to bring art, movies, poetry and lectures to the community is a mission we can totally get behind.


One of our favorites is Ferguson’s Downtown. This mid-century modern hangout has put a lot of effort into revitalizing this piece of Las Vegas’s past and turning it into an eclectic block of artisans and makers for the modern era.

There’s a great bar that focuses on unique, craft and local drink experiences. Amazing restaurants and coffee shops infuse the space with lots of energy. And they’re constantly hosting open mics, workshops and all sorts of get-togethers in their gathering spaces.

We can totally get behind their vibe and love hosting weddings there.


Does Ferguson’s sound too commercial for you? Alright, what about going rogue and getting married in front of some street art in one of DTLV’s alleyways?

In recent years, there’s been just enough infusion of art into the neighborhood to make it attractive for photographers and couples looking for an edgy backdrop for their wedding ceremony.

Muralists have adorned unused surfaces with large scale works of all kinds, and we can’t get enough of it! 

Fill out the form at the end of this article and let us help you plan a memorable walking wedding that includes photography in front of these incredible works of spray paint art.


The festivities at EDC might be filled with bright shiny flashing lights of all colors but, for authentic Las Vegas lights, you’re better off at the Neon Museum. This is where neon signs of yesteryear have come to live out their golden years.

Excellently restored and meticulously curated, this living collection of signs is perfect for a vibrant and flashy wedding ceremony. 


Las Vegas is also home to the Punk Rock Museum, a new addition to the music scene in the Arts District.

This first of its kind museum houses stage outfits, instruments, setlists, show flyers, photographs and other memorabilia belonging to artists ranging from The Clash to Minor Threat to the Go-Go’s.

The Punk Rock Museum’s March 2023 opening was well-received, in part thanks to actual punk rock musicians acting as tour guides!

The museum has a chapel available and if you’re into punk music as well as electronic dance beats, we can’t think of many better places to say “I do.” 

Image from our sister brand, Electric Sugar Elopements


The one way you can truly personalize your wedding is through your vows.

The dress of your dreams might be unattainable. The weather might not cooperate. Your guest list might cause some problems. But the words you say to each other are yours. Make the most of it with some EDC-inspired promises!

Pledge to always be by your spouse’s side when they’ve had a rough night (or morning, whatever) at the club. Express your attraction to their unmatched dance moves. Tell them why there’s no other stardust they’d rather float through the universe with than them.

Be Mindful of Your Costs

A special event weekend in Vegas has a tendency to add up in a hurry. Between tickets, transportation to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, club wear from the Strip’s finest boutique retailers and a couple of pre-party drinks, you’re likely to max out a credit card.

That’s where we come in. Our wedding packages are affordable and offer couples the easiest done-for-them wedding experience they can imagine.

Our magazine-worthy photographs will last longer than a buzz from the edibles you picked up at the dispensary.

Our flower arrangements are prettier than a sea of glowsticks.

And our officiants are more modern than the beats coming out of the speakers at the festival grounds. 


  • Choice of offbeat, modern venues
  • Wedding photos
  • Forward-thinking officiant
  • Florals for you and your partner
  • Complimentary consultation with our transportation concierge
  • Professional photo editing
  • All image rights
  • Custom online gallery for viewing and downloading images
  • Optional printing and photo books available for additional charge
  • Some packages offer Complimentary Consultation with our Hotel Room Block Concierge

Extra Photography

For some EDC couples one wedding photo session isn’t enough.

For them, we offer a Downtown Las Vegas walking photography tour that captures the excitement and energy of the neighborhood in real time with couples who have just said “I do.”

Iconic Las Vegas locations, restaurant hotspots, hip new bars and lots of glittering lights make this photo walking tour a favorite of EDC couples.

Downtown Las Vegas is famous for its colorful, to-each-their-own attitude, and you’ll fit right in as part of one of the world’s most exciting party scenes.

Be Yourselves and Be Each Other’s

Electric Daisy Carnival feels special to so many people because when they’re at the rave they feel like they can be themselves.

Let us do your EDC wedding your way.

If you missed out on one of the available time slots for a wedding at EDC; if you’re looking for a more intimate and luxurious elopement; or if you want to provide your guests with a more traditional feeling micro wedding, we got you!

Get in touch with our team, the original Las Vegas micro wedding experts, today to start planning your EDC Las Vegas wedding.

McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

McKenzi Taylor is America’s go-to elopement and micro wedding expert, often featured in small and major media outlets, such as the New York Times. With over 15 years of wedding photography experience, it was after planning her own Las Vegas elopement in 2016 that McKenzi felt her purpose shift into elopement coordination. She started Cactus Collective Weddings soon after in 2017. Since then, she’s become a WIPA board member, and has helped well over 1000 couples get hitched in style around Las Vegas, San Diego and Black Hills.