Lovin’ our venues? You’re not the only one!
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Lovin’ our venues?
You’re not the only one!
Book now for September and October 2024 so you don’t miss out on popular spots.    DON’T MISS OUT

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Since you were little you’ve heard that Summer weddings are the best. In particular, for centuries June has been the most popular month in which to get hitched and it’s not just because of the warm weather.

The goddess Juno, whom June is named after, was known as a protector of women, especially when it comes to marriage and childbirth so people believed getting married in her month brought good luck and fortune in matrimony.

Summer Wedding at Red Rock, Woman Standing Looking Off Into the Distance

There are lots of benefits to having your wedding in the warm Summer months from the beautiful weather at sunset to the endless summer-themed decor ideas.

However, with every perk comes something to look out for that might trip up your big day so we’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind when planning your ultimate Summer ceremony.

The Venue

You are beyond excited to pick your perfect Summer outdoor venue to say “I do” and are already envisioning a fun modern picnic theme or perhaps a nautical soiree. There are so many fabulous ideas to pick from. Perhaps a vintage carnival theme would be fun for guests of all ages.

Maybe you love the lake and are planning a rustic lakeside event with a blazing bonfire ending. These are all great ideas but first, set yourself up to win. We all know that hot days lead to beautiful nights but the key words are “hot day.”

Most couples like to have their reception begin at Sunset and go into the night which means the ceremony itself has to happen during the day. No matter what state you’re saying your vows in temperatures can reach unholy heights so you have to prepare for the worst. Ideally, look for a venue that is outdoors but also covered so at least you have shade to keep you cool.

A lot of venues also have an indoor/outdoor offering where you can have the ceremony inside and then move to their outdoor location for the sunset cocktails and afterparty.

Indoor/Outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas, Red Rock Resort.

Get creative with party favors as well. Guests will be more than grateful for some cute personalized fans, mini bottles of sunscreen, and even flip-flops have become popular. The heat doesn’t have to be unbearable if you plan right and look out for your loved ones.

Weather is also an important factor. Many states receive the most rainfall during their summer months and a downpour can really ruin an outdoor wedding so if your ceremony is completely outdoors then plan to have an awning or canopy ready in case.

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to rain. In certain places the humidity is so bad you’ll almost feel like you were rained on. Keep fans handy and cool libations flowing to keep guests refreshed.

Bugs are one of the biggest culprits of putting a damper on your big day. Don’t underestimate the power of mosquitos and flies! We recommend working citronella candles into your decor mix as well as lemongrass, rosemary and cinnamon accents. All of these are great insect deterrents. If you can also find some great non-odorous insect repellant to provide on tables or in a cute fashion your guests will be forever grateful.

The Food

Look, we all love free food at a wedding but when it’s 100 degree out no one wants heavy food weighing them down. While you are getting creative with your culinary theme try to keep things light and refreshing.

A really popular trend at Summer weddings right now is to have a build-your-own ice cream cart. Friends and family will have a ball creating their own yummy blend and cool down in the process. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are also always a crowd pleaser.

When it comes to drinks maybe provide some flavored water options in cute jars and a few other frozen non-alcoholic drinks to keep everyone refreshed and hydrated. For cocktails keep it light as well with perhaps a mimosa bar or an adult lemonade stand with mint and fruit garnishes.

Yes, people will love whatever you give them but there’s nothing worse than watching a bunch of lethargic people slugging around trying to mingle when all they want to do is nap under a fan.

Also beyond everything else, make sure you keep your wedding cake refrigerated until it’s time to cut it. No one wants a warm melted cake that’s been grazed by flies more times than anyone can count!

The Bridal Party Outfits

Your crew is there to keep you organized, on time, and blissfully happy so why not give them the same respect when choosing their outfits. Now is not the time for those navy blue gowns you’ve been eyeing all year or full black tuxedos.

Bride + Bridesmaid in a Summer Weddings in Las Vegas

Aim for light-weight materials that breath and soft colors for your bridal party. If the dresses and suits are dark they will be hot. There’s just no getting around it. Plus Summer is a great time to play with color so get creative and whether it’s soft pastels or vibrant bold splashes of color, this is your time to make your motif unique!

For footwear try to stick to open toes shoes and nice sandals for the ladies and light-weight shoes for the gents. Also make sure the heels are thick so they don’t sink into the thick Summer grass and get stuck.

As for hair and makeup try to stay away from over stylized up-do’s with lots of product. Definitely pin your hair back as much as possible though to keep cool and not have hair blowing in your face as the winds pick up. Setting spray is a must after your makeup is applied so do not skip this step! You will thank us later.

The Decor

We all have visions of what our perfect wedding table will look like and that gorgeous walk down the aisle gazing around to see decadent flowers and loved ones wishing us well as we walk towards the love of our life. What you don’t see in that equation is wilted flowers and guests burning themselves on the pretty metal seats you provided them.

There are many details that need to be looked at when planning the decor for your wedding. When choosing the flowers keep in mind the types of flowers that can withstand extreme heat and sun. Opt for rose varietals, sunflowers, orchids or succulents to ensure a worry-free day. If you have cut flowers make sure they are exposed at the bottom and not wrapped with ribbon or fabrics.

As mentioned above, be mindful of the seating you provide for your guests. If they have any metal on them make sure to wrap them with fabric and provide seat cushions. You want guests focused on you, not their burning bums!

The decor is where you can really get creative. Maybe provide cute sunglasses as napkin holders or sprigs of seasonal lavender with hand-held fans at each place setting.

Summer nights are a perfect time for a lantern release or some good old fashioned lawn games. If you are feeling really fancy and it’s in your budget nothing says grand finale like a few fireworks (but you can also settle for sparklers).

Whatever it is, check the weather reports a few weeks out, come prepared for plan b and c and make the ceremony your own. Then tip your hat to yourself for pulling off a cool, fun, and unique Summer wedding!

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McKenzi Taylor
McKenzi Taylor

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